Thursday, March 17, 2005

email, the new way

ho ho ho - some more tools for my spam tests.

after reading about in a pc magazine, i followed one of the links there to

FINALLY i have a fast way of testing things with public email, and i can make it up as a i go along. check it out. you'll like it.

susposedly will do something similar.


k2h said...

I tried accessing mailinator a long time ago from the corporate connection but it got blocked. so I Just got a chance to try it. Again, another AWESOME find that didn't even get any comments. I must commend you. just for fun I tried to see if it had any mail and low and behold somoene already used it and I got to see their email...... NICE! is there any forkev spam there?

k2h said...

the forkev account didn't have jack so I generated a little crap for it. good thing I used my k2h.admin account or else I would have shared my 'super secret email' with everyone =)