Saturday, March 12, 2005

I have how much longer?!

We have two people at work who are retiring this year, one at the end of this month. She sends email every so often letting us know she has x # of days left to work... A week or two ago it was 12 working days.

So, I started thinking about how many more days I had to work. Assuming I get to retire at 65, I have well over 7,500 days to work - or 39 more years. (This is assuming I will not have children, which is highly unlikely.) It was depressing. Some people are ending, and here I am just beginning... seems like it will be forever.

So, how many more days do you have to work?


k2h said...

i'd love to retire by 50, but to get any where near that financially i'll have to work my butt off. by then I'll be so attached to being busy I doubt I'll retire, which totally voided the entire point of working hard. so I bet i'll work until something catastrophic, like a heart atach or something.. so i'm looking at ~39 more years as well

palegreenhorse said...

at least you have started working! i haven't even begun to count down yet.

Sarah said...

I'm an optimist. I want to have my house paid off by the time I'm 30 (go Micron stock go!) and that would be the major impediment to retiring. However, what I really want to do is work for the Experience as a personal trainer of all things.