Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's day?

There's a lady I know who loves St. Patrick's day. Purely for the joy of getting to pinch people! She loves to wander around watching for anyone who is not wearing green. Then she runs up and pinches them! And most of the time they have no idea why... People resort to clipping on green pens or paper clips, taping green paper onto themselves, or grabbing a piece of green plant to avoid the pinch. Luckily I just happened to decide to wear a green shirt today, otherwise I would have probably gotten pinched.

I have never been pinched by her. And I don't know why her pinching people bothers me so. But it really does. She's a middle age woman, loving to pinch people. It's like, I'm not in 3rd grade anymore. This was fun/funny then, but it's not so much now.

Besides, in 3rd grade you kick them in the shins when they pinch you. I somehow don't think I could get by with that now...

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palegreenhorse said...

that is just silly. i don't think adults should go around pinching people at work, it is work! i didn't even like this type of thing as a kid and people knew it and i don't recall getting pinched beyond 2nd grade. it would probably tick this lady off if she encountered me because i would tell her...i'm protestant so i wear orange, this is a silly game, i could make this a harassment issue...etc.