Sunday, May 17, 2009

my new computer

shocked arn't you?

Some awesome friends snagged one for me from a university that was restructuring. a 20" aluminum Imac, 2.00ghz due core duo, 2Gig-ram, 128meg ati, 250gig HD, usb, FW400, FW800, gig-ethernet, HDMI, 802.11N, bluetooth, webcam and mic. (and integrated speakers that arn't half bad). S/PDIF that I'll have to convert from optical back to coax to run my old speakers.

They felt sorry for me upgrading the old P4 to win7. For the record, I did get it running, sound, video --64-meg Geforce2-MX (a miracle). As I was finishing my upgrade the friends stopped by and drop this monster on my desk. dual booting win7 and leopard. a sight to behold.

ohh, by the way, if you install win7, goto C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT to see the rest of the wallpaper for different regions. the elephant for (ZA = South Africa) is particularly impressive!

shockingly, the MSDN blog has nice primer on windows 7 secrets.


forkev said...

rc1 is pretty cool. just upgraded my little computer to 1.5 gb ram, and maybe i'll add win7 to the boot (currently xp,and ubuntu )
what do you think of lepard/.

k2h said...

haven't used it much yet. with only 1 day on the machine, and using win7 I can't comment on Leopard yet. as long as win7 does the job for me, I anticipate the other OS will sit dormant as a backup for win win7 corrupts itself, and the friends show up that are mac fans.

forkev said...

just put win 7 rc1 on my AAO - works suprisingly well. have to redo some GRUB settings, but it works, out of the box, including wireless. quite impressive.