Saturday, May 30, 2009

bump up

wired has a fun read about a dude committed to cracking locks for over 40 years.

I've often wondered what the big deal is all about. It seems like a cutting torch could go many places too.


k2h said...

ahh.. what a nice read. thanks for the link. the old school references to blue boxes, and anarchist cookbook do bring back the memories. (i wonder how he missed the red box?).

ahhh..... the days of the 'magic dollar'.... those were the days.

to this day I continue to look at every standard lock as only a suitable defense against the time it takes me walk around the block and find a street sweeper brush. when I walk down the street I can't help but pick up just about every one of the high grade steal tines I come across. they work so well!

forkev said...

my boss actually expects me to have ready access to lockpicks so he can borrow them.

forkev said...

i just found a short streetsweeper brush in my back pocket. apparently i've got the same habit.

Keith said...

i actually use to have a few in my bible... for when a miracle was required.