Sunday, October 29, 2006


it is daylight savings time now right? todays the day we set our clocks back? which one of you nerds forgot to remind me. i'm pretty sure its today because the cell phone, atomic clock and computer have all moved back, where the stove, microwave and alarm clock have not.


forkev said...

i saw a lot of people early to work today. perhaps there were some rally late too!

Dan said...

I don't get it, it's not hard to look at a calender and figure it out. I've seen it coming for the last 8 weeks and when it got here, no surprise. Do people just not pay attention to the world around them?

Sadly the weeknight MTB rides are over for now... (unless I can talk anyone into riding in the dark).

k2h said...

yes, I look at the calender. I look at about 3 of them. the one I look at the most is the one in outlook, and no that doesn't have anything important on it, like when time change is.

the second one I look at is the one in windows. where you double click on the clock. i use that all the time (even when outlook is open =)

and the third one I use, is on-the-go is the one in the cell phone, when I sign papers, checks, etc. need the date. thats the one I use.

so as you can see, I can both use a calender, and be completly and simultaneously clueless as to when PST switches to PDT