Saturday, August 26, 2006

yukon bears and sun

We finally got a little sun in the Yukon, and saw a mother grizzly with two cubs. We were intending to do a 480 mile day and go all the way to Haines, but the crew was too tired, so we spent another night in hanes junction. this time the place was full and we got a less than $100 room. We didn't even try the raven, a local souped up three 'canadian' star hotel. last time we went through, we stopped there for some dining, but they put there german noses in the air and said 'for hotel guests only'. ok.. the town has 3 places to eat, the raisen as we thus refeered to it, a general store which was closed, and the frosty freeze, that had pizza and burgers. we ate at the frosty freeze both times we stayed and it wasn't half bad.

The next morning we did the short jaunt to hanes. AWESOME mountians and it did get a little cold on the pass (around 3000 feet?) someone said the sign was in meters, and we looked at them, because it was NOT over 10,000 feet. The last shot is of a special fire weed that happened to pop up in the middle. I wonder where that came from.

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