Saturday, August 26, 2006

leaving alaska

it rained the entire time we were in alaska (about 1 week). it let up occasionally, but not when you needed it to. [*update- right after we left, it both washed out 3 bridges near denali, and snowed] jen and I even bought heated vests at alaska leather in anchorage. the lady was AWESOME, and by far the best motorcycle shop for many thousands of miles. as far as apparel goes, the best shop we have been in thus far. we got directions from the BMW shop in ak (they suck... jen says 'not so good') and they described alaska leather as a set of rickty old buildings on the corner. the warning was just saddness because the motorcycle shop didn't hold a candle to what barb had. barb is jens new hero, and after jen told her so, she reluctantly agreed to a photo op with the sign.

There was a sign at the register.. 'prices subject to customer attitude'. our price was 10% off. after a hasty tour of alaska, including a plane flight to kantishna (the center of denali park) and a 2 day stay, we headed out of alaska, completly soaked, and never seeing the mountian. oh yeah.. the official name of the mountian is STILL mckinly. the park is named denali. something about a loser in ohio or something.


forkev said...

Alaska Leather Inc.
2905 Arctic Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99503

was it this alaska leather?

k2h said...

thats the one. we did get a set of butt pads for the yellow 1200gs and the rider and passanger both liked them.