Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yes! Marry him!

So I learned about Travis Frey while listening to the Glenn Beck program on the radio.

Maybe Travis Frey should have thought a little more about the intelligence of creating a Contract of Wifely Expectations...

and what's up with weirdo men named Frey. Seems they've not quite got it all together


palegreenhorse said...

okay that contract is ummm disturbing. what is sad is that women marry guys like this and don't expect any respect.

k2h said...

wow.... I can't see how any rational (modern) woman would even consider a guy that handed her something like this before marriage. regardless of the fact that she didn't sign it, it still showed the expectation the loser had.

I tried to follow the ways of earning personal days off, and how they could be revoked. it looked like they were difficult to earn, and could be revoked on a whim. what was with all of the 12am deadline stuff anyway? and 'quarterly results'? wow... this guy had major WACKO issues.