Wednesday, February 08, 2006

new clam?

who added the clam with the purple halo to the nerdy tales pics [up]


forkev said...

hay man, that 'clam' claims to be a fractal - i found it on (the link behind theh grapic)

i like that place.

k2h said...

the link was a nice idea.. I've expounded on that and taken the 'wale tale' so when you click it it goes to k2h

palegreenhorse said...

just out of curiosity what does a fractal have to do with the tale/tail theme?
whale tail --- whale of a tale
chasing tail --- chasing a tale
cat tail --- tales of our cats

k2h said...

.... clam halo. fits right in! =)

forkev said...

no no no
that's not a clam halo
.... it's a small snail !

k2h said...

ah.... a snail tale (which looks alot like a snail foot)