Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I always forget the luxery of basic transportation. wheather it be walking, running, biking, motorcycling, or having a full blown car. you know... basic transportation. There are 4 of us currently on corporation travel and we share 1 car. thats not much of a problem in my book. we are afterall all businessmen at the same local, with basically the same schedule.. and wouldn't you know it, we are staying at the same set of condos.... so to me its not much of a problem.

this morning I made the not so unreasonable request to get breakfast on the way to work. well a 2 of the 4 would rather sleep (or work out) that eat breakfast so so that pretty much became the reason to get a second car. approx 310$ later for the rental, which we will pick up tomarrow will leave our party of 4 with 2 partys of 2. which now begs the question..... how much does the party of 2 schedule have to differ to justify a 3rd or even a 4'th car?

the company will pay for all of it. its business justified, where do you draw the line?

like I said.. i'm happy with one car. and I don't need breakfast, there is the water left over after you take a shower. it works for the kitty. see how smooth her coat is? imagine how us humans would be if we drank shower water from the floor.

so what should I do this weekend? I told dave I'd go to sunday church with him (check out his religion) but what should we do on the other day? I'm thinking of hitting the nasa meuseum or whatever it is. i'm near cleveland ohio, so if you guys come up with something interesting, or some weird soil sample for me to bring back let me know.

the ice is now gone from the lake, so I have to rule out hiking out on the lake like I did last time (there were cracks in the ice but that didn't stop 'smart' engineers)

its like 60 deg days, but rumor has it it will snow by the end of the week =(. i heard it may snow in reno to.. and we just took the studs off!

10:30 estern (local) time. after all this crap about no breakfast we just got called into the plant at 7am tomarrow so what we could have used for breakfast is now working time! how ironic is that...


palegreenhorse said...

the kitty also eats breakfast though. she crunches some of her brown pebbles before i go to work. maybe you could supplement your shower water with some dogfood to get the shiny sleek coat of fur. come to think of it, her soft, sleeky fur is probably also due to her wet food at the end of the day. you too can love turkey and cheese!

Sarah said...

Speaking of snow, we changed the studs out for the summer tires when the local ski hill closed... and then we got a big storm 2 weeks later and the hill reopened. Guess what we were doing late Saturday night!

Hmm... What to do around Cleveland... You could go visit the U.S.S. Cod!

~ AH ~ said...

well, if you wanted to drive a couple hours south, you could go to the Longaberger basket place http://www.longaberger.com. The HUGE basket is pretty cool!

Or check out the botanical gardens(one is free!) http://www.what-where.info/usoh_cleveland.htm.

oohh, the national inventor's hall of fame looks pretty cool too http://www.invent.org/