Wednesday, April 27, 2005

chemists that poke their eyes out

I found this from one of the articles that was referenced from something epics post state of mind. I'm not sure how to link to it directly so I'll just reference it this way..

anyway.. onto what I found HERE

One of the most tedious tasks I have to do is review chemistry analysis logs for errors, and initial the bottom. Even if I just initial without even looking at them, it's a PITA (not to mention embarassing when I miss gross errors).

To make it more fun, I challenge myself to find an error, no matter how miniscule or inconsequential. Then I amuse myself by writing a huge harangue on the "corrections required" sheet, complete with fictitious explanation about the catastrophes that could have happened had I not caught this. Side benefit - the chemists enjoy reading their "errors" to each other, and actually fix significant errors much faster instead of ignoring them.

You would think it takes longer, but since I'm having fun instead of thinking about how I'd rather poke my own eyes out, it goes faster in both apparent time and, surprisingly, real time.

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palegreenhorse said...

that is a great find! what a great idea to make boring forms intersting. i actually did something kinda similar when i was taking my co-op education (in other words work for a chem company and call that class) i had to fill out forms to show i was learning something. after learning how to do stuff the first two days it was pretty much repetitive work in order to see if something was a trend or a fluke. so in the section on what i learned i would put stuff like, "sharpies are non-toxic." i asked my advisor if he actually read my forms and he said yes, but didn't say anything else. so i don't know if he enjoyed them as much as i did.