Saturday, April 23, 2005

#1 result

I did a google search for "kevin xxx" where xxx = his last name and low and behold this picture was imbedded in the first result that popped up. note the PAIR OF SHOES. I think he still owns those some 4 years later.

now the uneducated in folklore of kevin, these things actually came from a dumpster and had a good 3 years of use prior to his intervention. they were then worn for probably 2-3 years BEFORE he graduated, making these the longest running shoes on the plannet. fill us in kev, you still got those uglies?

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forkev said...

those babies did not come from a dumpster. they were leftover from when jessie moved out of his appartment (around 2k? when you got the chessboard) and i foudn them in the parents garage on the shelf. not wanting them to not get a good life - i took them. I am still wearing them . in fact, i had to move them out of the way to get my recently shined workshoes (dress shoes) on this morning. I'm convinced i'd get more done wearing those to work.