Wednesday, October 15, 2008

scripting languages

I'm starting to get a reputation at work for solving problems with the crudest of tools. i'm not sure if thats a good reputation or not. I hate the idea of smashing an ant with a freight train, in my opinion a smallish bus is more appropriate. I firmly believe that everyone has a super-computer on their desk and refuses to acknowladge the power we all have right in front of us. you do not need to spend more money and time to release the beast, just open up a comand shell.

I read an article over on slashdot about 6 new[ish] scripting languages (well, some are really compiled) and theres all kinds of fun things, like other languages that compile in java byte code (groove) and ones that take pride in being compact, with a slogan, do it in 1mb, not 200mb. (Rebol, its not in the list of 6, but in the worthy mention section)


forkev said...

f# while compiled, is part of the .net family and can be used on any windows box. looks pretty interesting.

Daniel said...

I still use a lot of perl at work, and it is great for parsing text and small to mid size data files. The interpreted nature hits the performance, but if you only have 10's of megs of text to parse it's not a big deal. If I have big binary crunching to do, I go back to c++ and streamed I/O.