Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rev 13?


forkev said...

My friend Jim paraphrases:
Thinking-people. Better still, right-thinking people!
Who are they?
The right thinking person has an instinctive flair for the words and formulas that are most acceptable to his group: and in fact he is partly responsible for making then acceptable. They are indeed a people of timely ideas, and opportune ideas.

They are the people whose formulas are replacing the worn out formulas of the year before. And no doubt the formulas of the year before were their ideas also: they were the ones with which they supplanted the formulas of two years ago, which perhaps were theirs too.
The right thinking person has a knack of expressing, and in deed of discovering the attitudes that everyone else is unconsciously beginning to adopt. He is the first one to become conscious of the new attitude, and help others to become aware of it themselves. They are grateful. They respect him they dress like him, and they look alike. They listen to their utterances.
They are the prophets, their medicine man, and their shaman. They talk like him. And all this brings them luck. They despise and secretly fear others who have different formulas, dress differently, act differently, and speak differently.

Fortunately, though, all right-thinking people think the same. At least all who belong to the same tribal society. Even those who do not conform are in their own way a justification of the right-thinking people: the rebel is necessary to make the square unimpeachably respectable.

The right thinking people are managers, leader, but no eggheads. Hence they can be believed. They can justify any wrong road, and make it seem the only road. They can justify everything, even the destruction of the world.

Paraphrased from the book: Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander by Thomas Merton. (pg 67)

forkev said...

my friend jimmy says this is quite interesting.

Keith said...

jen and i started watching the above video but didn't make it to far. The first few minutes though tecnically acurate, are way misleading and i had trouble sitting through any more of the feed. i'm just not feeling political today. maybe as the elections role closer together, and jen tells me who i'm voting for i'll return to strange propoganda.

Daniel said...

yea, the end of the world is coming! What's so wrong with the Amero anyway? Our country is full of consumers who overbuy and over leverage compared to the rest of the world. Sooner or later, our economy will fall more inline with the rest of the world, so we may as well embrace.

Also, want to end immigration issues with Mexico? Put the dollar on par with the Peso and people will start sneaking into Mexico for work.