Saturday, November 10, 2007

Game Music

Music from video games actually has some influence on the population. probably the more you game, the more the influence, but this morning in church I thought of a 1980's NES tune that would just sound AWESOME on the pipe organ at church and I have lost much of my day trying to resurrect the video game and find the melody so I can find the original tune. I suspect the tune I'm looking for is actually a classical music piece that was modified for use in the game, but I can't remember enough of the melody to be sure, and to make matters worse, I thought I knew the name of the game it was in, but it wasn't, so my quest continues to find the tune. Once found, and if I determine the song has enough redeaming qualities to stand a chance to be played in church, i plan to make a request of the organist. I will keep it to myself that i'm pretty sure this tune is in a zombie / Dracula game. i'll know for sure once I find it.

until I find it, I invite you to look up your favorite video game and listen to some tunes. I have found a decent site with many mp3's and midi files (and educated me some on creating/ripping midi files with tools)

to make it even more interesting, In VKAGERO: DECEPTION 2 there is Keith's Battle Theme that does not invoke my best musical appreciation, but does have enough redeming sound for me to be somewhat proud of an association.

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