Sunday, July 15, 2007


Thanks kev for the link to VectorTD, you have me addicted to it, and when it takes an hour or so to play a game, you can really burn some time with this thing. I'm absolutely SICK of the fish commercial at the beginning. what are they selling, sand, seawater, or stupidity? its for sure not gum. I did 10 seconds look of the sourcecode for the web page (literally) and drug out the link straight to the game (here). it plays full screen.

if your super lame, and need a hack, try this one. pretty much infinite everything, plus the ability to download the .SWF file but i'm not nerdy enuf to care to figure out how to open it from the local machine (anyone want to provide some hints?) i personally like the challenge of the regular game.


forkev said...

beat any of the hard maps yet?
i've not, and it's annoying me.

Keith said...

are you kidding? i can't get past the first 5 levels on hard.

palegreenhorse said...

i went down in flames on frog on level 14. stupid yellow sprinters.

forkev said...

Image 1
Image 2

map, no left turn.
level 26.
start with laser level 1, then put in blue ray, then sell and inplace upgrade to laser 2 after maxed out, then put in purple power, then sell and inplace upgrade to laser 3.

always build after getting interest.
always take damage booster upgrades

level 1 max out laser to lvl4
then level 2 upgrade asap to level 7
you don't have to do anything until level 5, and then again at level 10, i think. i'll map this strategy this time. my previous best was level 22 with my old strategy.

forkev said...

oops, here is picture 2

forkev said...

my methods to level 30
two ways, can't get past it.

Keith said...

dude, great contribution to a google page! thanks for posting it!

Keith said...

heres a little faq by the author. it list best bang for the buck and gives some secrets on how to use the space bar to toggle power levels. if anyone is still playing this, read the faq.