Friday, July 06, 2007

Books and books

I recently completed another horrendous paper for my MBA program and the more of these things I write, the more I become aware of my hatred of fixed styles and form factors that are outdated. one prime example is that a reference for a book needs only be the ISBN. thats it, nothing else. in fact, its more useful as an ISBN number than it is in the crappy reference format as there is still some ambiguity as to what is really being referenced. with that in mind, i figured someone had to have and ISBN to reference converted and and I found (and ottobib-wikipedia). feed in an ISBN and out pops the reference, I so love that.

for the really strange book lover, I give you this strange site a ran across, which includes some strange tool to find related books if you can't find the exact one your looking for, or a different print edition. it looked like complete nonsense to me but I have a feeling theres a few of you out there that would use something like this, so have at it. (did i mention it is strange?)


mari said...

i added it to my bookmarks, don't have time to figure it out right now especially since i am hitchhiking on someone else's net connection. but i think it could be useful. maybe.

palegreenhorse said...

a good link. useful just in case i can't find a recent edition in the library.