Sunday, April 22, 2007

200+ MPG

looks like my next vw will be getting 200+mpg. i'm so happy!

Maybe i'll wait for the aptera at $20k


forkev said...

i've seen the bmw one, the arrow looking aptera one is new to me. thanks.

palegreenhorse said...

the vw article indicated that the 1-liter car could be built for <$10K?? that would be nice to buy a 200 mpg car for $10K.

Keith said...

yeah.... i think alot of people are getting hung up on that low figure. Interpreted that as meaning an additioanl $6k or whatever it was over traditionally material costs. I think the impression that it could be sold retail for under $10k is mis leading.

forkev said...

in price is your deal, NOW we're talking