Wednesday, January 17, 2007

new blog?

whats this this new blog thing. which one of you hit the button.. it wasn't me.

I really miss the recent post list on the side. hey.. maybe we can find a way to get this thing to feed RSS of recent comments?


palegreenhorse said...

sorry, that was my fault. i thought it would either have a comment bar option or rss feed or accept the code for the old comment bar. but i haven't gotten it to work. granted i didn't try really really hard. but i'll see if i can revert back to the old one today if i get a chance.

palegreenhorse said...

oh actually it looks like you can subscribe to the comments now... at least there is a link at the bottom of the comments thing. mmm

palegreenhorse said...

another test comment. this is where i subscribed so is this the only place that shows up?