Wednesday, January 10, 2007


anyone watch lost? i can't believe how much work has gone into the lostpedia. its just a show, and according to Caroline Edmunds it is staring to be not as good as heroes. hmmm.... i wonder if heroes is anygood. Kev.. by the way.. thanks for the jericho tip. it has potential.

yup... I still like contributing to nerdy tales, it to seems to have gone the way of lost (dieing) but I retain hope for a reply some day.


forkev said...

us 4 watch lost (2 cats and the feeders), i too agree heroes may surpass it.

I just go a new blingbling distro of XBMC and put it on my boss's xbox (christmas present form his family for XBMC)

how is your xbox working? did you get it a bigger HD yet?

k2h said...

got a 40 gig and am about ready to migrate, but haven't had the time

bookchiq said...

Heh. We watch two shows. "1 vs. 100" and "Grease: You're the one I want". We're probably not the target audience for Lost, though. :)

Well, we also sometimes watch Alias, Gilmore Girls, Joan of Arcadia and Monarch of the Glen on DVD from the library.

Keith said...

1 vs 100? your kidding me, another NBC fry-your-brain incranation? need I remind you NBC=GE, the borg reincarnate. I'm still looking for the awesome pic of the borg cube with GE logo on the side. when I find it i'll be sure and share.

with that said, now I gotta see what 1vs100 is.. =)

Keith said...

the christmas special of 1vs100 had 9 go go dancers in the mob. did dan pick this show?

bookchiq said...

Dan only barely tolerates the show. Leanna picked it. :) We just like feeling smarter than people.