Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Did you guys know you can MERGE PDF's in PDFcreator? yup sure can. pause the PDF printer, print to it, select all jobs, then go Document/Combine in the PDF print spooler and Blam (on your spice weasel) you have just combined to 1 PDF output.

now it may not seem that nice to you, but I have 15 documents I have to print EACH AND EVER TIME a new temp starts, and I've had about 10 of them this year. windows is buggy and when you select all the docs, right click print, it will crash your computer, so you end up printing each one, one at a time. now I just print one PDF and i'm good to go.

i'm so happy.. fell Feel my joy
found in goole cache here


forkev said...

nicefind. i'll have to remember that.

palegreenhorse said...

i knew it was a good program... but didn't know you could merge pdf's with it. that is awesome.
and i loved the spice weasel reference... made me laugh.