Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have been really leaning towards getting a netbook, but truth be told, the peek may be a much better solution to what I want to do with it. just give me access to info. the site lists some behind the scenes info from the developers. looks like targets got one model old for $15 for the hardware.

there are quite a few email to network gateways, and if there was something else you wanted, its pretty trivial these days to make the bridge yourself. i could actually see myself with this thing on a backpack trip, where its unlikely i'd have a netbook.


forkev said...

given I use my netbook daily - and use almos tall the features; screen, keyboard, touchpad, usb, wifi (and ocassionally ethernet to fix dead routers) I'd do at least both if you're seriously considering the other. Get an ancient used netbook for cheep (sub $100) and give it a wirl for several weeks before writing if off entirely. If it doesn't fly, craiglist it and recoop most of your experiement. My $200 craiglist investment acer aspire one zg5 is my ONLY daily use machine simply because I always have it close by.

forkev said...

ironically I typed the comment from it.

k2h said...

and by 'it' you mean netbook, not peek. when I first read this I thought you had one!

true, regular computer is fine in most office, home areas, and a coffee shop, but out in the middle of no where (no wifi) a netbook is only useful for whatever crap you stored to the drive, so for me, that means portable DVD player. want i really want to know is directions, or a phone number, or to drop an email, which I predict the Peek may better serve me than a netbook when outside the office.

forkev said...

I'd definatly get one for $15 at target if it could do linux.
I think that's a ways out though -

Keith said...

I have read that they were as low as $4 at target. seems target is phasing them out. for the past 3 weeks they were charging an extra $30 to activate the units from target, but the online community went in an uproar, so they dropped it, but no big deal now, as the 2 targets I went don't stock them any more.

will most likely look for the $50 costco deal at $50, comes with 2 months of service. if its a good device, then consider the $250 to upgrade to unlimited life.

their forum is really good, i like the philosphy of the company, and what appears to be good customer support.

wish i'd found this last month, could have got the pronto device for a dollar with 'birthday' code, but thats over now =(

Keith said...

oh.. one more thing, I do agree wtih you with a daily use laptop/netbook. jen has 2 now she lugs around the house, and I use my laptop at work every day, and every day it serves as my primary machine on the dock, and goes to the meetings and the lab under my arm, so I appreciate the power of a portable computer. I suspect the peek will serve the fill that area of computing the iphone has
(but without the price).

for example, I rarely take my laptop home, and hardly ever check my work email at home (yeah, thats a good thing i know) but the peek does make you mobil without the bulk. and for pure communication, more mobile than a wifi netbook.