Friday, June 26, 2009

Google Voice

The other day I filled out an request for an invite because i heard they were getting close to releasing google voice (thats the new and improved grand central if any of you remember back that far) and low and behold, only a few days later I got in! how cool is that. I am so looking forward to being able to screen my calls and listen into people while they leave a voice mail, and choose to pickup in the middle of the voice mail or just let them ramble on and read the transcript later. read the feature list for other cool things like 3-way and transferring to a new phone in the middle of a conversation.

i may use something like this if I need an automated script to notify me when its fallen and cant get up.

if you want to forward to google talk or something, try GroovyTel. I saw it, haven't tried it yet.


forkev said...

got me a walla walla number, and just signed up for a reno number. perfect for the inlaws. Found out you cannot forward more then TWO google voice accounts to the same phone number (I've three) - but that's ok. I guess the idea is to just build an account in a city where you want the people to call you, and then they have no excuse!

k2h said...

not specific to google voice... as there are other ways to access it, but one of the options in there is to use goog-411 (option 3 or something when you check your voicemail). I used it the other day to order pizza from costco. wasn't sure what the phone number was and in about 20 seconds I had the phone ringing at the correct place. that service really augments the GPS. i love it.