Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I do a little reading for my lunch hour time. I read the usual gadget blogs and tech news. I want to share with you my latest finding, http://www.randsinrepose.com. This software developer is a superb writer! for starters, check out an old article The Larry Test which talks about the underpinnings of an engineers mentality to never ever really be done. its well thought out, and straight forward, but when you get to the end I was left with a realization about myself that I had truly never considered. Randsinrepose may just be so good as to get a permanent link from nerdy.

check it out, I bet ALL of you will like it.

the icing on the cake? a nice little review of cloud computing and dropbox


Sarah said...

Good find. I liked both articles well enough to add the blog to my FeedHub. :)

forkev said...

larry test. outstanding read. see alot of myself in there. self aware is dangerous.

mary said...

we so want to have our stuff perfect....it applies to to paintings also. i have one sitting in the kitchen that needs me to say done.

mary said...

unfortunately i do not know the larry test for painting.