Monday, September 08, 2008


since kevs been posting nostalgic items, I was going to counter with the organ grinder, but it must have been called something else. i'm having a terrible time finding this old restraunt where a monkey ran across the room on a string. if memory serves, you walked down through the organ when you entered the place? man. I must be completely wrong, because i can't find it.

that brings me to awesome lakeside. that I could find. see above. there was the cyclone, but really, nothing tops the dragon

there was some whole book-it thing that if you read 20 picture books during the summer, you got half off a coupon for the place or something. later the book-it turned into a free personal pan from pizza hut, but it was still enuf for me to claim I read books I'd never opened.


forkev said...

mom sent this email:

put in:

organ grinder restaurant, denver, co 1980

for google search and see what you can learn--Must buz with work.

which finds:

forkev said...

bookit. man, that brings back the memory of the pig book that the library lost and we'd looked for it for weeks. That makes me laugh just thinking about it.

~ AH ~ said...

I know of the Organ Grinder in Portland.

So, lovely Google gives me this -

At the bottom there's a link to the Denver one.

Keith said...

Thanks. I Looked really closely at the denver pics and I do think that was it. i couldn't see a string with a mechanical monkey running back and forth on it, but i'm pretty sure thats the same orgna grinder i remember. strange, the site lists the denver one as closing a few years after 1979. being born in 77 i wonder how old i was when i went to that thing. bordering on earliest memory maybe?