Sunday, April 20, 2008

ribs on wheels

big jim's ribs on wheels is still rolling. amazing.
I must have been in 2nd grade the first time I saw the truck in Franktown.

updated 09-08-2008
check it out. big jim from a 2007 article in the rocky mountain news (I was always a post fan)

the dude hangs out in the same place so much, i think he's actually captured in google street view. amazing!

wait, wait, my bad. after poking around a little more. i think this is really him HERE


Keith said...

man, i totally forgot about big jim. after i read your post I've been searching high and low for a old converted motor home with two grease fans blowing huge amounts of smoke outside franketown but have been unable to find any pics! I did big jim got 12'th place in the rib cookeoff.

k2h said...

score. finally found a pic of big jim!

forkev said...

awesome. nice find of the pics. he's a legend. I still remember the grease that would slosh into the intersenction (empting his tanks, maybe) as he'd drive around.