Tuesday, March 04, 2008

elevator speech

As a result of working for GE, I became aware of the need to have an 'elevator speech' ready at all times. the idea being, if you got stuck in the elevator with the president/CEO or other bigwig you need to smooze, you'd have something ready. I've never really put much thought into my speech, and so far have never had to execute said speech. I've put some deep personal reflection into the topic, and i'm now confident my speech would go something like this. its short, but I think he'd get the point.

Its not always enough to just push from the end of the broom handle, sometimes you actually have to bend over and pick up the dirt.


palegreenhorse said...

i really like that speech. i'm going to have to use it for any instance where i'm called upon to talk the board (ya right) or the president (please help me to not have to do that again) when they ask about our new building.

forkev said...

i wear nice cloths to work even though I know i'll be crawling around under desks hooking stuff up and getting covered in dust and who knows whatelse that is years old- it gets the message across with fewer words.

Keith said...

i use to do that. i dress nice when there are visitors. the rest of the time its a nice shirt and jeans. after moving hundreds of gas cylinders, its even ruining my jeans.

casey said...

i'd like to create an elevator speech in a mad libs type format:

'sometimes its not enough to (verb) the (noun), sometimes you have to (verb) the (noun)'

to assist in this, use the word generator:

On my first random words I got:

'sometimes its not enough to design the chicken, sometimes you have to graduate the dogma'

Keith said...

Re: Casey, Now thats just awesome! my first attempt gave me

sometimes its not enough to Discharge the Newsletter, sometimes you have to Repair the Statement

palegreenhorse said...

i like the random. it adds to the random thought of the day, literaly.

my go at it today yields...

sometimes its not enough to oppose the tomato, sometimes you have to spirit the buffer.