Tuesday, February 13, 2007

come on down, you've got a NEW CAR

ours is green with a gray hood.

well, new as in owner, not new as in year. $800 took the beater with a heater.


1994 Hyundai Excel (non GS) 1.5L inline 4 engine, 115600 miles, 5 speed transmission, 4 newer tires + another 4 newer tires, and a new clutch installed about 2000 miles ago. aside from some cosmetic things, the car feels to be in good operation condition.

kbb.com values it between $700 fair and $1000 good condition.

it's built on the DODGE COLT technology, by Mitsubishi motors. I loved that car.
hoping for 32-40 mpg. This car sold originally for about $6200 and has rear defrost and a heater; NOTHING more. the engine looks naked. it's awesome.

It needs the passenger side door handle connected to the latch and perhaps a swap on the bonnet from light gray to the dark green the rest of the car is. It has the get up and go like a sloth, but to cut my fuel cost in half it could pay for it's self in a few years.

Alodia has christened it 'the crapper' - and is awesome for even considering letting it get near our home.

Reactions, criticisms, praise? bring it on.

(New heads job update: The Subaru is almost completely apart. the warmer weather has really helped as it takes much less force to get the bolts out. I was having a problem with the cam pullies, but after it hit 40 degrees outside, they popped right off)


palegreenhorse said...

the crapper--- i like the name

k2h said...

how has the MPG been?

forkev said...

i've only driven it in town and for about 120 miles, so far around 30mpg and i'm wondering if it was not topped off before, or if the winter smog control additive in the fuel here takes that much energy out of the equation (they dilute it with alcohol or something)

forkev said...

mpg upwards of 35 on long trips at 65mph or less.

Subaru heads: planned, installed, and engine runs. 5 minute check still had engine running well with no oil or water leeks.

1 small leak in $3 transmission fluid coolent hose, and once replaced, we're DONE.

Keith said...

thats GREAT news on the subaru. so it was just heads on one side? how much in parts / machine shop labor were you out?

forkev said...

i did both heads, i'm not going to go in that far and not be sure.
it was $65 to plane and pressure check both heads for cracks. another $30 to have them put valve stem seals in (I'd do it myself, but the recessed springs require a non-normal spring compressor and harbor freight had NO IDEA what it was. that depressed me.
I put a new timing belt on it (one with 30k had a nick) and purchased a head job seals kit with some additional 4 plastic bits from Subaru that go in the heads for a total cost of around $400 for the new seals and belt. Add 10$ for the new thermostat (original failed part), some antifreeze, and oil and we're done.

I took the time to purchase an inexpensive 2 hp 8gal air compressor (harbor freight on sale) and 35$ of air tools from wallmart (a STEAL as they were on the shelf for $55 and harbor freight could not even touch that)

A $6 adapter so I could put a 3/8" socket on 1/2" drive from craftsman so I could torque 14 point head bolts to about 70lbs and that is total cost.

500? a bit of a bummer. but that engine is a monster. stock it gets like 150hp. aftermarket mods can push it to 500HP and that same block is in new 2007 wrx subarus. I was at the dealer and opened a hood. the poor salesman had no idea what a ej25 engine was. That depressed me. they were trying to talk me into trading in my '96 and purchase a brand new one. Alodia and I were were like 'uhh, yeah, that's why we're doing the work our selves, so we can trade it in in BOXES and purchase a new car...yeah'

forkev said...

oh yeah, broke a bolt so purchased a bolt extraction kit for 7$ and worked like a champ. replacement bolt 60cents but not quite the same sholder size. it's only holding like 12ft pounds, so it should be ok.

Cost of air compressor was $95 from harborfreight down from the 'normal' $160 - sale combined with a coupon I had.

All this at a good time because we just paid off our second mortgage, and have money coming out our ears. lol. I've no problem putting another 5k in the house, but to put $500 in a car and I complain. that's messed up.

My brother in law, Keanen is studying to be mechanic and helped me disassemble the engine in January, and actually helped me put it all back together over spring break. pretty funny it was non operational for the duration of his quarter at wwc. He's a great help, and is both smart in the garage, and in the books. he helped debug a dirty battery terminal (car worked, but would not turn over; make sure you have stuff TIGHT on the battery)