Thursday, June 08, 2006

what's your library got?

MORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius is an intersting book.
By the 13th project, is has gone into great detail on how to take appart your microwave and build a gun out of it (complete with math, geometry, and theory) on page 100, it has the following:

go ahead and pickout your favorite part of of the text and post it as there are some jucy nuggets of 'wisdom' is a carefully disguised 'nerdy' book.


k2h said...

the obvious climax to your little publication is the stuffing of ones own 'organs' into a fur lined tin can.

how do you find this crap? it reads almost as if you had written it. =)

forkev said...

alodia got me some electronic books from the library, this one, and another in the series. This dude obviously had a liberal editor.

Dan said...

An ambitious modification would include the following:

Use the magnetic field generation capability of a CRT control unit to focus the microwaves into a beam. Or build a reflector that is a half ellipse with the emitter at one of the foci. Then by varying the position of the one foci and the eccentricty of the reflector you could focus the radition on another point some distance away without hitting anything inbetween with a very concentrated dose. You could select a single weed in large field and "light up it's world"

I believe this is basically how raditation cancer treatment works. Although I think the use a virtual focus mechinism somewhat like a crt.

k2h said...

from what I've heard about ratidation treatment, there are multiple sources focused on the target, so no one path has a high strenght. this way you get to something in the middle without killing whats around it.

not sure tho.. just what i've heard