Monday, February 21, 2005

Good news bad news

The time has finally arrived. Whoever does a most masterful job of writing the header to the blog will once again get to revise it. Dice no longer has a girl friend. This saddens me greatly, but you can only put your head in the sand for so long. Which brings me to the good news. Sunday I sat for my HAM test and in a few weeks will finally be able to make good use of that Christmas gift from K2H.

Just to let you all know I am not sulking too bad I am taking a date to the Engineering banquet where the engineer of the year will be speaking. He is one of the lead design engineers for the company that won the X prize. It stands to be a good evening.

I wish everyone well and need to make some negotiations with the proud hosts of last years turkey day event. I seem to have left some presents in your closet. I have a friend that lives in your vecenity and I will see if he can drop by and pick them up over spring break.

I feel like my posts are almost like my power bills. They happen about once a month and sometimes need correction. I am glad that month to month power bills average out the mistakes made by the meter man. This month's bill it is tripple what it was last month. I took a look at the meter and I think this next month they will be paying us.



forkev said...

x prize! awesome.
maybe the engineer can finally help kretchmar make good use of the observatory by blasting it off into space on a one way trip.

sorry to hear about the x girlfriend. may she end up with the meterman happily ever after, pillfering from the poor by overreading meters.

k2h said...

dude, you can't leave wester wedding chappel without actually getting married. kev and I made it a tradition and we FORBID you to break it already. so get your act together and find a good one before your a 6 year senior!