Monday, February 21, 2005

Enough Sisters already

Okay, this might come back to bit me but it is really sterting to eat me. How come all the girls I ever like or date end up in the end scooting me along to the title of like brother? The parents all love me to death and are really sad to see me move on. All of the families I still associate with will have me back/ take me in in a heart beat if I am heading through town traveling around. I love them for this and all but enough is enough. I've got enough sisters.

Okay, I am done now. I think I had better get some sleep.


forkev said...

(you have to marry one first) but if you sleep with one, it no longer counts as your little sister.

palegreenhorse said...

sleep is good. collecting too many sisters is bad.
maybe you need to be less of a nice guy... no that doesn't sound right. i dunno sounds like something that a guy could help you with more than a girl since uh girls don't know what they want?

The Demented Viking said...

Dude, I know exactly how you feel. That wonderul 'brother' system just further solidifies the 'nice guys finnish last' that has haunted decent men for ages.
Good luck.

k2h said...

maybe you should tell them going into the relationship that your looking for more than 'just friends' don't say it too early, but I think your your case you've failed to say it at all! well.. your've probably said it, but once you've solidified that 'little bro' image, theres not breaking it.

forkev said...

i think you can break the image, but MY OBSERVATIN is you're trying to hook up with them and they insist on checking the guys out while you hang out with them. curb that behavior on their part real early and you should be set.

forkev said...

ho ho ho
all this free advice is worth about that you paid for it.