Sunday, November 21, 2004

The "Girlfriend"

Thanks for the publish Jen,
I do think it is a little early to count the apple before it is in the basket but there is always hope. Still working on it thought. I was rathere proud of myself today... I got a talking to by a father for eyeing his daughter.... (which I might add is his step daughter) It really made me laugh inside and I almost told him that I was also eyeing her best friend and Kelley (who is one of my best friends and is married by the way). I don't know where he gets it but I think it was hope on his part. All I can say is if he keeps up the inuiendoes next raquet ball match I will be having a talk with him and setting him straight on a good many things.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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palegreenhorse said...

well i did say that it was only a POTENTIAL girlfriend. much more interesting than just saying there are other single people you hang out with =).